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Why is Paint Protection Film / ClearBra so valuable?

  • Reduce stone chips, bug, sand and minor scuffing damage
  • ClearBra protects your cars paint
  • Improve resale values 
  • 5 Year warranty against yellowing, bubbling and cracking
  • No Differential Paint Fading 
  • Minor maintenance (same as rest of car)
  • ClearBra is car wash friendly
  • Clear coat & topcoat means no penetration of road grime, tar and rubber compounds. (No Yellowing)
  • Nascar uses 3M ClearBra Paint Protection film to protect there cars from damage during races

Must View ClearBra Demonstrations Below

Click Here and watch a short demonstration of 3M Paint Protection Film protecting a painted plate from extreme rock damage, by a Gravelometer SEA J400. Click image for larger view.

The below demonstration shows the protective value of a ClearBra installed on your vehicle. What you are seeing is a high powered air gun shooting a mirror protected by a 3M Clear Bra. The pellet is traveling around 280 MPH at the time of impact on the ClearBra

Weapon to cause damage to clearbra vancouver clearbra The Damage to clearbra from airgun vancouver clearbra
film pulled back to show no damage to mirror protected by clearbra vancouver clearbra no damage to mirror protected by clearbra and shot by airgun vancouver clearbra

Why is 3M headlight protection so valuable?

It has been estimated that on average 1 out of every 6 automobiles will require headlight replacement due to damage from road debris.

In Canada the chance of headlight damage is one of the highest in the world. Vancouver ClearBra is one of a small handful of installers in North America that actually use a specific film designed and tested for headlamps and is Transport Canada Approved.

Replacing headlight components can be an expensive and time consuming process, the average headlamp set costs $450 CDN to replace and can run into the thousands on higher end vehicles. Plastic headlights will dull and lose their transparency, glass headlights tend to break and fracture as they wear. With clearbra installed on your lighting you will be rest assured that for years to come they will still look like the day you bought the vehicle.

Abrasion and weather resistant 3M headlamp clearbra protection film protects headlamps, fog lamps and parking lamps and prevents that "faded look", that everyday driving can cause.

Constructed of aerospace-grade polyurethane, 3M headlamp protection film is ultra clear and does not yellow, ensuring the clarity of your headlamps.

Does not adversely affect the photometric properties of OEM headlamps according to independent laboratory testing.

*3M headlamp protection film 8674 tested to Transport Canada Technical Standards Document No.108

The word's spreading at NASCAR™

From the starting flag - to the winner's circle - Scotchgard™ Paint Protection Film helps keep NASCAR™ high-performance race cars looking good. This film is the only officially licensed paint protection film of NASCAR. That's because many NASCAR teams use Scotchgard Pain Protection Film to shield their expensive paint jobs from high-velocity dirt, sand, and gravel.

Vancouver ClearBra can help you select those vehicle components that will benefit the most from Scotchgard Paint Protection Film. Plus we have the know how to install the film to the exact specifications of your vehicle. Once the job is done, you'll love the look - not to mention the longer life you've just given your car's finish.

Watch Video

10 Reasons to use Vancouver ClearBra for your Paint Protection Film installations

  1. 3M Trained and Certified installers.
  2. We use top of the line 3M Scotchgard Film, Durashield, Ventureshield and Xpel Premium.

  3. Mobile Installations throughout British Columbia and Alberta.

  4. 5 Year - Lifetime warranty on the films against yellowing, cracking or bubbling.

  5. Lifetime Workmanship guarantee on clearbra installations.

  6. No.1 clearbra cutting software, BEST designed kits on the market.

  7. Computer designed clearbra kits cut on a plotter, not on your vehicle!

  8. Ability to cut clearbra kits up to 60" for full coverage designs.

  9. Paint Protection Film can be removed without damaging your factory paint.

  10. No disassembling of your vehicle, which in most cases voids your factory warranty.

How do you want your car to look?

Traditional Vinyl Bra

3M Paint Protection Film

Damage while driving

No damage to paint

 SPEEDONE - (Internet forums)
"i got my car done first week i had it. The only rock chip i currently have on it 2 years and 30k miles later is one from the drive to the clear bra place. Best investment i made for the car"

3M Paint Protection film banner on Vancouver ClearBra

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